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We’re keeping things simple this year. There are two ticketing options.

The Full Reunion ($295.00 / ticket) ticket gets you...

Alternatively, the (UNAVAILABLE) History Concert Only ($25.00 / ticket) provides entrance to the...

Please note that the Full Reunion ticket also provides entrance to the History Concert. If you purchase a Full Reunion ticket, you do not need to purchase a History Concert Only ticket.

Purchase your ticket now, and we'll get back to you for meal preferences once the menus are set. Buying your ticket is quick and easy!


# of Tickets

*Include yourself and any family members or friends who will be attending. If this ticket cost inhibits your ability to attend the reunion, please see the No Barriers to Brotherhood page for information.

**After you purchase your ticket(s), you'll be sent to a separate page to make your donation. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!

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